Rhum Bologne Black Cane + Etui

Dry, as a lemon "ti punch" or homemade fruit punch, with or without ice.

Bologne is the only distillery in Guadeloupe that continues to cultivate black cane. This variety, now forgotten by distillers because of its low yield, is now only cultivated by Bologna for its exceptional aromatic potential: it expresses a "concentrate" of cane, an ultra aromatic essence, which is now used in the blends of all Bologna rums.
We have chosen to make a few bottles of a limited series: "Black Cane", a true quintessence of Bologna.

Pure brilliance, crystal clear. Very present viscosity due to the richness of the highly aromatic elements.
Smooth, with great aromatic complexity, very harmonious. Particularly rich. The first nose is empyreumatic and exotic (cane, mango, maracudja). It is then supported by the acidity of citrus fruits (lime, orange) then evolves towards white flowers. Fruity notes: mango, lychee, passion fruit, fresh cane. Delicate floral notes: lily, hawthorn, acacia, thousand-flower honey. Discreet spicy notes: green pepper, mint and liquorice. Marine: a slight touch of iodine.
Soft, balanced. The fresh cane is extraordinarily transcribed, becoming its very essence. The mid-palate is concentrated, lush, exuberant, and full of greedy fruit: banana, pineapple, mango, pear, the citrus fruits remain very present. The finish is long and tenderly spicy (ginger) and never ceases to surprise with its authenticity and depth. Exceptional persistence. The retro-olfaction is floral, impressive in its finesse and length.


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